Scarfs back

hi everyone, sorry for the late post but the scarf is back! in the ski village.


hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas.


48 Responses to “Scarfs back”

  1. what is your real age pengu?your age not you penguin age….
    Pengumaniac4: im 11

  2. glatascheats Says:

    Jason i cant see it 😦
    Pengumaniac4: go onto Mammoth thats where i saw it, Merry Christmas

  3. cool!youre one year older than me!!!!so your real name is jason?
    Pengumaniac4: yeah

  4. :Do
    Why would u give ur age ova da internet? u dont even no the person and they could be 35?

  5. dont worry about it, i didnt give my last name or address by that im safe. and i am sure that he is not 35 years old.

  6. lol when Donda sent me the password for her penguin u should of seen my mum she was screaming at me saying HOW DO U NO THAT ISNT SPAM. IT COULD BE A 40 YR OLD MAN BEING A GIRL.


  7. lol, anyway sorry about the age and the name but i think Powerzone as my friend should have a right to know, can u tell your sister that?

    Pengumaniac4: i wasnt saying that were not.

  9. hey everyone,im having a party now….pengu can you make an announcement of my party?and please invite everyone

  10. my party is at big surf,australia at the iceberg.i dont wanna have it at my igloo coz im not a member

  11. powerzone thanks for the announcement, but its about 10:29 PM and i need to go to bed soon. sorry

  12. oh how bout tommorrow?

  13. okay, il try to make an announcement tomorrow , but people go on my site at different times

  14. lol i was watching simpsons episodes from 10:30pm to llpm

  15. im having a party later
    hope you guys dont miss it.
    8.15 pm cp time
    where? big surf iceberg

  16. pennybelle Says:

    kk cool ill be there

  17. i cant come power, sorry.

  18. pennybelle Says:

    :do he isnt even there lol
    how did u get donda so many coins? can ya get me some?
    Pengumaniac4: yeah ok

  19. i thought everyone werent coming so i canceled the party.
    sorry ;-(

  20. i thought everyone werent coming so i canceled the party.
    sorry ;-(.maybe im having the party next week or maybe friday.

  21. pennybelle Says:

    i was gonna come

  22. pennybelle Says:

    pengu u on yet?

  23. pennybelle Says:

    lol can u do Kustom now?
    Pengumaniac4: no not at the momment

  24. pennybelle Says:

    aww kaa

  25. good morning everybody

  26. hey pennebelle.two weeks to school,so bored!!!

  27. who wants to come to my party tomorrow say youre coming….
    1.00pm club penguin time
    big surf,ice berg

  28. well isnt that like 8am sydney time?

  29. pennybelle i need you to update my site tommorow till saturday, if thats ok

  30. yep thats fine 🙂

  31. would you like me to look after your penguin aswell?

  32. nah its just a couple of days, thanks anyway

  33. i think its 8pm sydney time.i dont know coz i live in malaysia lol…..pennybelle are you coming?and pengu are you coming too?

  34. powerzone, Kustom will be there but i will probably be in bed.

  35. Pengu, if your on can you do Kustom for coins now?

  36. awh man…..why do you sleep so early?arrgghh….

  37. gonna get ready for my party

  38. good morning everyone 🙂

  39. OMG!!!!
    Powerzone its Kustom im so sorry i couldn’t come i totally forgot 😦

  40. awh man!ill think about it,i think i should cancel the party. 😦

  41. is pennybelle and kustom the same people controlling different penguins?

  42. No, Pennybelle is a girl and Kustom546 is a boy.

  43. pennybelle,is kustom your cousin?

  44. donda’s username is dondaru1es
    damn he dont wanna add me 😦

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