Mohd222 is leaving Club Penguin :(

Sadly mohd222 is having his internte connection cut by his parents. sadly there is nothing we can do to make him stay 😦


farwell mohd


Pengumaniac4: bye mohd 😦  we will allways remember you


12 Responses to “Mohd222 is leaving Club Penguin :(”

  1. luckydog400 Says:

    you will be sorely missed by me and the hole of club penguin { your friends }
    cya buddy you will always be a hero

    rock on buddy rock on

  2. powerzone Says:

    oh well….

  3. powerzone Says:

    pengu,how should i know your wordpress account password?

  4. he was a great person i cant believe hes quiting farewell mohd :(, power u dont need my password i allready added you at the top of the page on every wordpress site theres a blue bar click on the dashboard then to pengumaniac4 it should work

  5. powerzone Says:

    theres no blue thing on the top of youre site????

  6. bye mohd222! we will all miss u! =-/

  7. pennybelle Says:

    he may not be leaving. he told me and my site that there is now a 50% chance.

  8. zayphod Says:

    yeah hes nt leaving..

  9. hey,
    My name is Pinkey2we please check out my site it would be great if you saw it! but it would be fabulous if you added me to your blogroll!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

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