Newspaper 17/4/08

Hi everyone

As always the New newspaper on Thursday has been released, The Clock has broken down in the Snow forts, Rockhoppers mended ship Review. Anyway here you go:

Rockhoppers mended ship Review, Page a2

The Club Penguin clock is broken, Page a4

New igloo Spoiler, Page a6


Make your own story!, Page c3

The latest Fan art, Page a7

The events till April 25th, Page a6

Also, If you didn’t see the post about the Sneek Peek of the New mission click HERE

Oh and Rockhoppers in the Telescope:

(Thanks Tennis Visit

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4



4 Responses to “Newspaper 17/4/08”

  1. wordpress has changed and i dont know how to put pictures on my site. can you plz help?

  2. math all you have to do is
    1.look at the top of the post
    2.see the media sign pictures hope the info helps

  3. boo hoo y did u bann me on at now i have nothing to do i didnt do nothing rong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me? I didn’t ban you

  4. rockhopper is here!!! i saw him! yay! waddle on my homies!

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