New Igloo Furniture, New Igloo Catalog and New Postcards

Hi everyone

The New igloo Furniture catalog, New igloo catalog and New post cards has been released today for everyone to enjoy. This Catalogs theme is Gardening, Anyway here you go:

Palm Tree


Big Tv


New Igloo Catalog

New “Lawn”

New Igloo

Stone Igloo

BIG stone igloo


New Postcards:

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4



7 Responses to “New Igloo Furniture, New Igloo Catalog and New Postcards”

  1. Hey pengu, can u tell pennybelle to stop banding ppl on xat 4 nothing. She badn DOndaru1es coz donda said she likes fudge. I dunt understand.

  2. mindyangel1 Says:

    They are both being to mean to everyone Kustom said this:
    Im going to report your blog. You have copied stuff for my site and not given me an credit.
    Kustom has a tempor

  3. nice post pengu 😀

  4. Pengumaniac wel on ur xat 1 zay banned me for to get lost
    2 get out of my face
    3 hope ur happy he cant do that he shouldnt be a mod
    if u dont belive me go to my site..

  5. bluba i band u for swearing twice with no*s and saying z/emos are freaks ok

  6. its kool that they got the lawn feature dont ya think?!

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