Newspaper 24/4/08

Hi everyone

The new Newspaper has been delievered to everyone on Thursday like always, There is a few things about Rockhopper and Yarr arriving back at The Beach tomorrow and A message to the PSA to the Public explaining about the clock:

A message from Rockhopper, Page a2

A message from the PSA explaining about the clock, Page A6

Rockhoppers arrival party on the 25!, Page B6

And the Events up till May 9th, Page C4

A little sneek peek of what the new room will look like:

Oh and A free item from Rockhopper is at the Beach, also a Catalog!

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


4 Responses to “Newspaper 24/4/08”

  1. woo hoo!! i like the new T-shirt. all i need now is FREE shoes!

  2. Peng there have been free shoes.

  3. zeb copied my name on ur xat and pretended to be me! plz give her a warning at least

  4. hey mathjazz remember me? probably not! 🙂 oh well, i hope we can catch up and talk again!

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