Hello everyone

Rockhopper has been spotted at Multiple places around Club Penguin even know that he is supposed to Arrive ashore tomorrow, Heres some pics:

Strange huh? What do you think about this?
Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


8 Responses to “Rockhopper?”

  1. I was in that pic lol
    also visit my site I have proof [LINK REMOVED]
    I put the Link in your name

  2. omg that is sooo weird, pengu! so sorry i havent commented in a while. we had to redo my kichen and take out the computer. but i am bak! waddle on!

  3. pengu he came back yesterday. explain the free items

  4. yer i agree with kustom ive seen him 2 times already.

  5. pengu make kustom a mod on xat 4 2 days cuz imgoing camping ok?
    kustom has previous experince and i wanna give him ontha chance so yer?
    if thats oik wif u

  6. arr pengu. kustom band me for saying piss. ahh geez. and then banded tennis 4 nothin. and he kicked me and bluba when we wernt even on the comp we were on brb. and thne band me and then unband me… geez cant u tell him the rules how u have to band and kick ppl because obliviously he doesn’t kno. -Peng Pinky.

  7. I banned tennis for saying f*** 3 times.

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