Two New Rooms!, New Pin and New Game

Hi everyone
This is Pengumaniac4 doing a early post today, Yesterday we only thought that there would be a Room and a Key well you were wrong there are infact Two New rooms a New pin and a New Game! Heres how to find the key:

You have to go the Bookroom and Open Rockhoppers book:

Keep flipping though the pages until you get to the Last page

Open your Pins/Backgrounds part of your Intervery and put The Key on (Its a pin)

Now Return to the Ship Hold and The Door should be unlocked!

How to Play Treasure hunt?

Now for the Second Room: The Crows nest

Click on the Little Arrow sign pointing up and a Rope should come down

And heres the Crows nest

And Don’t forget to check the Notice board for a Thanks from Rockhopper:

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


4 Responses to “Two New Rooms!, New Pin and New Game”

  1. Hey Man! I love this site especially the Graphics and Banners! I was wondering if you could make me one that would fit into the Sidebar of my site. If you could make me a Banner like you have on your Banners Page it would be so appreciated. I would put you on my Blogroll if you did. If you want to please put it to the Small Banner and if possible have it say Club Penguin Cheats on it. Could you do it to this picture and maybe blank out the Disney if you could? I will add you to my Blogroll which will get you a ton of hits! Can you use this Banner for the BG:

    Hello Toronto,
    I’ll try and do this later, For now just check back in and i may have it done.

  2. hey how did u make ur writin bold on your side bar…? and also how did u make a link on there? -peng pinky

    Its not that hard, I’ll tell you later.

  3. powerzone Says:

    hey pengu,
    can you make headers for my site?

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