Newspaper 15/5/08

Hi everyone

Today, As always the new newspaper has been released to all of Club penguin users. There is some stuff about the Upcoming party, The Sequel to the Story in last weeks Newspaper and News on the Upcoming Igloo contest:

The final Sequel to last Weeks newspaper story, Page A2

News of the Upcoming Igloo contest (To be held on May 29th), Page A4

The submissions for the latest books are currently being Judged, Page A6

A new puffle catalog is to be Released on the 23rd of May, Page B5

The newest comic, Page C2

Events till May 30th, Page A6

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


4 Responses to “Newspaper 15/5/08”

  1. Hey Pengumaniac4 remember the non stop swearing well im sorry and can i come back in now?

  2. oh and cool Header!

  3. hey pengu, i was wonderin, how did u get ur headers to move lyke that?
    its awesome.

    ~ choc

    p.s awesome site

    I use a program called Adobe Image Ready, You should have it on your computer.

  4. Choc so we meet again heheheheh

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