New Funiture catalog, New Igloo catalog, New Pet catalog and New pin!

Hi everyone

Today, Well alot of stuff has been released today. Three catalogs and A new pin add to it. The New igloo catalog has a new Igloo, The new Furniture has Lots of new pieces of Furniture, The Pet catalog has some new toys/Accessories for your puffles, And the new pin came in a Medieval Type of way.

Palm tree

Coffee shop tree

Black plush chair

Inflatable Dragon


New igloo catalog:

Small stone igloo

Large stone igloo

The *NEW* Pink castle


New pet Furniture

The *NEW* stuff


New pin, Instructions:

1> Click on the Boiling pot near the ceiling:

2> The Boiling liquid should fall burning it

3> Collect the pin!

Oh, Ps the Wizard hat is at the Lighthouse (Thanks Acezboy)

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


9 Responses to “New Funiture catalog, New Igloo catalog, New Pet catalog and New pin!”

  1. Nice Work Pengu!

    Theres a new item at the lighthouse

    OOoOoOoO, Thanks for that Acezboy.
    Just added to the post, Thanks.

  2. Ps theres a new item in lighthouse (Thanks Acezboy and Echipurple2)*

    I told you before he did.

  3. sup pengu! awesome post!

  4. powerzone Says:

    whats ps?

  5. you dont know what P.s means?

  6. Spare...Bear Says:

    hi im actually on ma skwl account bt i jst wanted ta write sumthin coz im board…and…orm bila and roxy r at prodution thingo…soooo board. yeya.
    l8taz g.

  7. Spare...Bear Says:

    worm* lol!

  8. Spare...Bear Says:

    o gosh i cant get on ya chat lol.
    these stewpid school computas r sooooooo stewpid. everythin is fliter resricted.
    hmf =l

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