Newspaper 29/5/08

Hi everyone

Today as always the new Newspaper was released to Club Penguin, With this they’ve announced the winners for the book competitions, And the Igloo winners

The Novel winners announced, Page A2





Igloo winners announced, Page A6


Newest comic, Page C5

The current Events up till June 6, Page C4

Also, Tomorrow the Long awaited Cpip testing item will be Released to all testers around Club Penguin.

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


4 Responses to “Newspaper 29/5/08”

  1. hey nice pengu!
    come on xat đŸ™‚

  2. just a suggestion

    some people like me are just to lazy to go on club penguin to read the newspaper and read all the events full (XD)
    so why dont you post an SWF file to the weeks newspaper
    i cant find the exact link right now but ill give it to you later

  3. Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!

  4. heres the link pengu
    just change the date every time
    first 2 numbers are month
    the next 2 are date

    Thanks blahdu but its not needed, Since i cannot supply the SWF files all the time i have to post pictures of the Current newspaper.

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