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New Furniture Catalog & More

Posted in News on August 29, 2008 by Acezboy

Hey Everybody, Romeo66 filling in for Pengumaniac4.

Today in Club Penguin the new furniture catalog and new pin are out! Here is where to find the secrets

 I think this one was really cool! Comment and tell me by clicking the post title and filling out the form.

Press the blender for a lava lamp.

Click on the piano for a guitar stand.

The New Pin is located at the Boiler Room


Club Penguin times 150th Edition – Sneak Peek

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Club Penguin times- 28/8/08

Hi everyone

As always on Thursday the Club penguin times is updated to bring news to everyone around the island. Today they talk about Closing of the Penguin games, Memory lane and celebrate the 150 Issue.

Closing Ceremonies – Page A2

150th Issue – Page A4

A walk down memory lane – Page A6

Aunt Arctic – Page B6

Fan Art – Page C8

Events – Page C5 to C6

Also, Here’s a sneak peek of the new furniture to be released on Friday.


That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4

–Penguin games begin–

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Let the games begin

Hi everyone

Today, The 22.8.08 the Club Penguin olympic games have started for members around the island to play.

Free items:

Blue face paint, Located at the Pizza Parlour

Red face paint, Located at the Coffee Shop

If you wish to view all the games read the below.

Heres the list of the games on the Club penguin Olympics at the moment:

– Marathon , Located at: Ski Village

-Three lap race, Located at: Iceberg

– Freestyle Swim, Located at: Underground pool

In order to win the gold medal, You must stop at the lights in the races:

That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4

Newspaper 21/8/08- Issue #149 & Sneek Peek

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Club penguin times

Hi everyone

As always on thursday the Club penguin times is updated to bring news to everyone around the island. Today they talk about Club Penguin when it first started off, The Penguin olympics and the New catalog coming soon.

Welcome to the PENGUIN GAMES- Page A2

Decorating on a Shoe string- Page A4

A waddle down memory lane- Page A6

Comic- Page C8

Events- C5 to C6

Party Sneek Peek:

Posted by Billybob on August 20th

And a quick thanks to Romeo for updating my site last week, Thanks.

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

New Pin, Igloo Catalog & Sport Catalog

Posted in News on August 15, 2008 by Acezboy

Sport Catalog

The new sport catalog has been relased today. It has 2 secrets in it. Here are where the 2 secrets are hidden. Also to find this catalog to to the Sport Shop.

For the ones that can’t find the silver surfboard, go to the surfing page and click on the penguin holding the flame board so that it turns into a flower board. Now click the two shells and you should get the silver surf board.

Igloo Catalog

There are 2 new igloos out. There is the Gym and Rockhoppers ship. Here is what both of them look like:


New Pin

The new pin is located at the Stage. It is a dogeball, probably for the up coming Penguin Games.

Penguin Games & More

Posted in News with tags , on August 14, 2008 by Acezboy

Here is the Club Penguin cheats for the new Club Penguin times newspaper that came out today.

Club Penguin Games Party

Don’t forget that the Club Penguin games party is coming up on August 22 – 26! You won’t want to miss out!

Rockhopper Igloo Coming to Club Penguin

This Friday, Rockhopper has announced that there will be an igloo having the migrator theme.

Upcoming Club Penguin Events

Here are some upcoming events happening in Club Penguin.

August 15

  • New Igloo Upgrades
  • New Snow & Sports Catalog

August 22-26

  • Penguin Games Party Comes to Club Penguin

August 29

  • New Furniture Catalog

September 5

  • New Clothing Catalog
  • New Wig Catalog

Rockhopper returns- Scavenger hunt, Team blue rallys 2

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Rockhopper Returns

Hi everyone

Today the Rockhopper returned to the island, The scavenger hunt has begun for the Blue prints “Rory” lost and an old stage production from earlier this year returns to the stage.

Rockhopper has come back, Here are the items:

First paperboat- Located at the Mine

Second Paperboat- Located at the Cove

Third Paperboat- Located at the Coffee Shop

Forth Paperboat- Located at the Beach

Fifth Paperboat- Located at the Pool

Sixth Paperboat- Located at the Pet Shop

Seventh Paperboat- Located at the Dock

Eighth Paperboat- Located at the Iceberg

Once you have collected all of them, Click on the little paperboat at the top of your screen. It should look like this:

You will have a bunch of little pictures of blueprints, Put them together and this should come up:

Team blue rally 2

And the background for it:

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4