–Penguin games begin–

Let the games begin

Hi everyone

Today, The 22.8.08 the Club Penguin olympic games have started for members around the island to play.

Free items:

Blue face paint, Located at the Pizza Parlour

Red face paint, Located at the Coffee Shop

If you wish to view all the games read the below.

Heres the list of the games on the Club penguin Olympics at the moment:

– Marathon , Located at: Ski Village

-Three lap race, Located at: Iceberg

– Freestyle Swim, Located at: Underground pool

In order to win the gold medal, You must stop at the lights in the races:

That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4


9 Responses to “–Penguin games begin–”

  1. spiderlilly Says:


  2. i no its so bad but i didnt have so theres a bonus to it. cp need to stop bringing back old stuff or no one will be rare. nice post ur the only one that said the updates of the games lol

  3. Great blog dude, thanks for the coment.

  4. spiderlilly Says:

    ya excaltly. look at my post. its kinda a … angry post

  5. hi pengu! awesome post! don’t worry spiderlilly it happens to everyone

  6. I cant get past the first light in the plaza. Its practecly impossible.

  7. you must have missed one at the snow forts. make sure you stop at all lights

  8. cpstreaker22 Says:

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  9. angel3667 Says:

    gp to angel3667.wordpress.com to read the bad news post

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