Fall Fair 2008

Fall Fair 2008

Hi everyone

Like last year, Club Penguin threw a party because of autumn. In this party there is no free items, You have to buy them yourselves with tickets you can earn in the games, To find out the games keep on reading to also find out where the items are keep on reading.

As i said before, In this party you don’t get any free items you have to pay for them. To view your tickets look at the right corner of your screen.

With these tickets, Non-members can buy:

And heres the things Members can buy (Along with the other stuff):

A new room has been added to the snow forts which unfortunatly only members can acsess:

Click the above picture to view room

That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4


4 Responses to “Fall Fair 2008”

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  2. Hey Pengu Member Me? It’s Try Me And Echi Don’t Go On CP No More. But I Play RuneScape Now It’s Alot Better Than CP From Your Long Lost Friend Tryus Namus Or As I Am Now Mountain Alf! (My RuneScape Name)


  3. ey pengu…

    down the bottom of your picture u mucked up u rit http://www.pengumantac.wordpress.com

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