Pengumaniac4’s 2nd Anniversary

Pengumaniac4’s Second Anniversary

Hi everyone

I have decided, Since i will be turning 2 in Club Penguin in 7 days i have decided to throw a party. Its been awhile since ive thrown one, Thanks to kustom for suggesting it. Its theme is not just a Anniversary party but also a Halloween one, So dress up in your most spookiest clothes.

I have made a video that will be the main highlights of the Party:

Please come.

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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21 Responses to “Pengumaniac4’s 2nd Anniversary”

  1. Hope to see you there, Please tell me some of the things you want to see at the party.


  2. Heh. Yay I got the party 😀

    Hmm, Maybe the best halloween costume gets it posted on the site!!


  3. Uhh, pengu you tryed to be goth or emo with the penguin pik on the side bar you suk!

  4. EW and you tyred to be emo wif ur background it makes me sik (Ill)

  5. Hey,

    Nice post! Visit my site

    And ur pin finder says the newest pin is in lighthouse but it is in sportshop

  6. Nice Post! 😀

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment on the page marked “270 Funny Pictures.”


  7. Choc / Peng. Leave Pengu alone your bullies.


  8. Ummm… Acezboy/Kustom/Romeo, It wasnt me? I havn’t been on Pengus site for ages! And I come here today, to see if his XAT would still be opened. So yeah?? Don’t just go blameing it on me (or choc).

    ~ xxGawguzGirl (Or aka Peng Pinky).

  9. I’m coming.
    I haven’t been on CP in soo long,but i haven’t officially quit…
    Well I might forget but i’ll most likely be there!


  10. Actually Peng, Nice try trying to cover up.
    Your IP address that WordPress traces tells me that you have the exact same IP as “Someone”


  11. Pengu, it wasn’t me or peng!
    I only came on your site once. I didnt come on on the 11, neither did peng.!


  12. Nice try pengu! But it wasnt me! Why don’t you go see if its Chilli’s IP then I bet it would be the same! So don’t go blameing it on me.

    Remember how when I go banned on your XAT and then chilli would get banned?, yeh because we got the same IP address!

    ~ xxGawguzGirl! (Peng Pinky)

  13. And Peng, Chilli wouldnt do that to Pengu, so nice try C=



  15. Pengu. Chilli commented up there. ^^^ Was her IP the same?


  17. lol u guys are so bad at lying haha.

  18. Pengu. Why ddint u approve chillis comment? Scared?? Aww poor pengu.

  19. hey guys..wats this all about? haha o n ill try 2 b there pengu

  20. Actually i did it because i don’t want this post filled up with spam about you guys lying.
    You and “Someones” IP matched, It was either you or chilli ok?

    No more.

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