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New Sport Catalog & More

Posted in News on November 29, 2008 by Acezboy

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the last post. I forgot I was meant to update,

Today the New Sporting Catalog has came out today. There are 2 secrets and alot of new items, here they are:

To get the silver surfboard follow this pictures guide:


Also, the Pommel Horse came back click on the “N” in the Sport Furniture


Also, be sure to come to Acezboys 1000 Day Old Party:


If you cant read the invite this is what it says:

When: Sunday the 14th of December

Where: Sleet Dock

Ill being adding 10 people and there will be a mini contest this is what it is:

I will choose 5 People, and they will be posted on here.

Thats all for now,



New Play: Fairy Fables, New Pin and New Furniture Catalog

Posted in Cool, Items, News, Secrets, Spoilers on November 21, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

New Play at the Stage

Hi everyone

Today the new feature play for the Stage was released called “Fairy Fables” It is a sort of Fairy tale themed play. And the New Furniture catalog and Pin has been released.

Snowflake Tile Pin- Located at the Beach

Fairy Fables

The Costume Trunk

Better Igloos

Leaning Tree – Click on the Bow

Welcome Mat – Click on the Control Terminal

Music StandClick on the Guitar Stand

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Club Penguin Times, Card Jitzu and Furniture Sneak Peeks

Posted in Ninjas on November 20, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Club Penguin Times

Hi everyone

As on every Thursday, The Club penguin Times newspaper is spread around Club Penguin for everyone one to view. Also i will tell you some tricks and trades about Card Jitzu and Billybob has uploaded a Sneak peek of the upcoming “Furniture Catalog”

Special Section: Martial Arts– PAGE A4

Regular Feature: Top Secret– PAGE B8

Announcements: Upcoming Events– PAGE C7

Heres the sneak peek Billybob uploaded:


Hello Penguins!

How early will you start decorating your igloos for the holidays? On Friday there’s a new Better Igloos Catalog out and I managed to get a few images from the art team:

Do these get you in the holiday spirit?

In Other News: The response to Card-Jitsu and the ninja training has been awesome. We’ve heard from so many penguins who are loving it. We know that the servers are really busy and that some of you are waiting to play. Thanks for your patience. Some of you have asked where you can get The Club Penguin Trading Card game. It’s available at North American Toys’R’Us stores and will be available at North American Disney stores along with,, and the Club Penguin Online Shop. I’ll keep you updated.

Until then…Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Now to card jitzu, Sorry i asked someone to update. Looks like they couldn’t.

Card jitzu is a new game located in the Dojo for everyone to play. You earn new belts when you verse people in the game and win for a number of times.

First you will need a deck, First go talk to the Sensei in the right hand corner of the room under the picture of the Water, Ice and Fire elements.

Once you receive a deck, You go up to him again and Click on Competitive mode, You can then verse other people and earn belts.

There are nine belts to earn:

If you are having trouble try to use the below tactic:

The “Guess” Tactic

When you are versing other people in Competition mode, Try and guess what card they are going to put out. I know it sounds like a stupid tactic but it doesn’t matter if they win the first card. Now sometimes they might use the same sort of tactic against YOU so you have to think What are they thinking what i’m going to put out? Hard i know but it can win you a game.

Fire beats Snow, Snow beats water, Water beats Fire.

Beating the Sensei

If you are lower than Black belt the cards are rigged to prevent you from winning. When you are a black belt and you verse him, I hope you would use your highest cards because he has more advanced cards. If you don’t win, Don’t give up hope wait till he makes the wrong choice then there is your chance. After that you will receive your very own Ninja Mask.

If you are not a ninja yet but you want to see the “Ninja Hideout” Click the below picture:


That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Dojo Reopening and Play Sneak Peek

Posted in Ninjas on November 14, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Dojo Reopening

Hi everyone

The Dojo has had its re opening with a whole new look to the interier, With this a whole new courtyard. There is also a free item from the Sensei… His sandels. These are located at the Courtyard:

The inside of the Dojo has been completly Re-decorated with a new type of theme, But sadly No ninjas… Yet. You will see in the middle of the room saying “Time Till Gong Show” all it basically does is open up and you can throw snowballs at it.

The sign says “Training Coming November 17”, Two more days. I think that ninjas will be there then.

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Club Penguin Times 13/11/08, Ninja Palace? and Coins for Change Returns

Posted in News on November 13, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

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Club Penguin Times

Hi everyone

Sorry for this late news. The Dojo has is under construction to what seems to be a ninja training centre, Billybob has told us that Coins For Change will be coming back this year for fund raising.

Featured Story- Secret Sensei, PAGE A2

Advertisement: Dojo Reopening, PAGE A4

Special Section: New Play coming soon, PAGE A5

Regular Feature: Secret Revealed, PAGE B8

Upcoming Events: Events, PAGE C7

It looks like theres going to be ninjas coming, It sure has been adding up though. Heres a picture of the outsiude Dojo:

Coins for change will be returning from last December raising and donating money to various charitys. Here’s the link to information and a quick video:

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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New Clothing Catalog & More

Posted in News on November 7, 2008 by Acezboy

Hey Everybody,

Well today the new clothing catalog and wigs catalog came out. Some old items have returned have returned with some new items. But first I will start with the wigs catalog. Starting next year in January the wigs catalog will be apart of the clothing catalog, here is the message we got told about:


Also as usual there is a secret, to get the pink hair style just click on the blue style :D:


Okay, now for the clothing catalog. Click on the Tree for the Russian Hat


To get the pink pom-pom toque, you must click on the snowflake:


To get the black superhero mask you need to click on the correct star which is shown below:


To get the red and blue viking helmet click the penguin thorwing snow balls:


To get the jade necklace click the “N” on the first clearance page:


To get the mixed barclets click the “N” on the second clearance page:


The New Pin is located at the Forrest.


Thats all for now,


New Newspaper

Posted in News on November 6, 2008 by Acezboy

Hey Everybody,

Today the new newspaper was relased with information about the dojo and gary. Here are the current main headlines for today:


There is some information on Gary, be sure to check it out its about the Halloween Party.


And there are the events. There is only 1 event tomorrow which is the new clothing catalog.


Also, there are fireworks at the iceberg and mountain, be sure to check them out.


Thats all for now,