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Im quitting my Blog and Cp

Posted in News on January 8, 2009 by Pengumaniac4

Hello everyone

Yes it is me Pengumaniac4, And yes… I am quitting my blog. I have put alot of hard work into it over this year but i think its time for me to stop posting. No it is not because of anyone its simply because that i cannot keep up with the updates Cp makes, And its running into my actual life.  I’ve grown out of Club Penguin, And ive often wondered when i would quit.

Now alot of people that quit cp say how “Boring” or “Babyish” it was,If you still play don’t let them sort of comments put you down. Don’t take insults from anybody that thinks otherwise of your opinions (Learn’t that the hard way)

No this site will not become infested with spam, So don’t even try. I would like to thank some people that have helped me:

NOTE: All Works on the site, stop posting your name if Pengu didnt post. Cough*Penny and Lucky*




And everyone else that supported my blog and kept it alive. Your probably thinking that its a waste in a sort of way since i have the domain name and such. Well if i was that sure when i purchased the upgrades that i was going to quit a month or so later i wouldn’t of actually done it.

Yes i will continue to go on MSN, But i will probably get a new id.

Thank you all so much for going on my blog, Posting commenting and such.  Hope you have a great life.

Bye Forever ~ Pengumaniac4


New Clothing Catalog & More

Posted in News on January 2, 2009 by Acezboy

Hey Everyone Acezboy here,

The new Clothing Catalog was released today with new some new trends, Here are the secrets but first of all, We will start with the pin. Here are the pictures:

The new pin is loacted in the Lodge Attic next to the AC 3000:


To get the Spikester, Click on the Red Piant Can:


To get the Spikette, Click on the Blue Bubble:


To get the Fruit Headress, Click on the Flowers:


To get the Yellow Scarf, Click on the Yellow Present


To get the Russian Hat, Click on the Mountain:


To get the Viking Helmet, Click on the Tree:


To get the Pink Pom Pom Toque, Click on the Snowman’s Hat:


And lucky last, To get the Red Hoodie, Click on the Snowflake:


New Penguin Times

Posted in News on January 1, 2009 by Acezboy

Hey Everybody,

On behalf of myself and eveybody who works at ClubPenguinWorld, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 was a great year but I know 2009 is going to be a even better year. By the end of 2009 I would love the site to have over 1million hits [: Anyways a New Penguin Times came out today, nothing important so here are the events:


Remember to check back tomorrow for the New Penguin Styles Catalog and New Pin!

Also I have made an offical Chat Box remember to vist! Its link is

Happy New Year,