New Clothing Catalog & More

Hey Everyone Acezboy here,

The new Clothing Catalog was released today with new some new trends, Here are the secrets but first of all, We will start with the pin. Here are the pictures:

The new pin is loacted in the Lodge Attic next to the AC 3000:


To get the Spikester, Click on the Red Piant Can:


To get the Spikette, Click on the Blue Bubble:


To get the Fruit Headress, Click on the Flowers:


To get the Yellow Scarf, Click on the Yellow Present


To get the Russian Hat, Click on the Mountain:


To get the Viking Helmet, Click on the Tree:


To get the Pink Pom Pom Toque, Click on the Snowman’s Hat:


And lucky last, To get the Red Hoodie, Click on the Snowflake:



2 Responses to “New Clothing Catalog & More”

  1. Why Thank you Jelly 🙂


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