Im quitting my Blog and Cp

Hello everyone

Yes it is me Pengumaniac4, And yes… I am quitting my blog. I have put alot of hard work into it over this year but i think its time for me to stop posting. No it is not because of anyone its simply because that i cannot keep up with the updates Cp makes, And its running into my actual life.  I’ve grown out of Club Penguin, And ive often wondered when i would quit.

Now alot of people that quit cp say how “Boring” or “Babyish” it was,If you still play don’t let them sort of comments put you down. Don’t take insults from anybody that thinks otherwise of your opinions (Learn’t that the hard way)

No this site will not become infested with spam, So don’t even try. I would like to thank some people that have helped me:

NOTE: All Works on the site, stop posting your name if Pengu didnt post. Cough*Penny and Lucky*




And everyone else that supported my blog and kept it alive. Your probably thinking that its a waste in a sort of way since i have the domain name and such. Well if i was that sure when i purchased the upgrades that i was going to quit a month or so later i wouldn’t of actually done it.

Yes i will continue to go on MSN, But i will probably get a new id.

Thank you all so much for going on my blog, Posting commenting and such.  Hope you have a great life.

Bye Forever ~ Pengumaniac4


27 Responses to “Im quitting my Blog and Cp”

  1. 😦 Bye Pengu 😦


  2. hi pengu its tama im gonna miss u and
    can u tell me ur msn address????

    bye pengu 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  3. Your site is awesome and it always will be!!

    Keep in contact!

    – roxy

  4. Bye Pengu.

    Its a grest thing growing up, im coming to that point too in life. 😦

    Ive kept your website on my bookmarks ever since this great site started! I hope you have a great further life. Thanks for the updates and all.

    Well Done


  5. Sweety Pops Says:

    You probably don’t remember but anyway cyaz.
    Your site has always been in my Favourites list over all the other Cp sites because it was the BEST!!
    I don’t go on Cp anymore either but occasionally if I’m bored I’ll have a quick look @ whats new.

    Bye 4 a long time…(very long time)
    Pops =P

  6. hey pengu,
    its power here..
    I would like to thank you for helping me all these times..
    I wanna say sorry if i made anything wrong or something mthat made ur heart break. I just go on cp for missions. Im not small enough to play cp. I think its time for me to quit too coz final primary school exam is this year, i think ive grown up, and im tired of playing games. Its time for me to go back to my real life and start a new life. Anyway, pengu, good bye. Im gonna miss these times. Keep in touch bro.gimme ur email (if you have a new one or something). I will always remember our friendship with our friends on cp until i die..

  7. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. lukester751 Says:

    you are the best cheat web site ever ive ill miss this site got my own one please check it out at

  9. Montorola Says:

    NOOOOO! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  10. Hey pengu, I know i havent been on lately but ive also been busy. i can definetly understand y u’ve decided 2 quit, but i am sorry and sad to c u leave. u have been a great online bud of mine and i thank you for everything u’v helped me with. I’ll really miss u and ur awesom updates. i am awfully sorry to say that i havent been on to talk. thanks again for evrythin. u rok. stay awesome lol. i am still not a ninja…that was random but that is actually y i came on ur site..2 c how 2 bcom one…i am a blak belt but sensei is 2 good for me haha. maybe well have a reunion som time! yes i still go on from time 2 time..haha i dont care wat ppl say tho. good luck with ur life! thanks for helping me start my site ( even tho it got like no where! uve always come thru for me! luv ya bro,

  11. preicous pup Says:

    Hey remember me. i used to hang with u on big surf some years ago. Miss u.

  12. angel3667 Says:

    Hey Pengumanic4,
    Sorry to see you leave us,its been a great jounery talking to you and hope some day we will talk again I agree Club Penguin might be exciting for younger kids but as we grow we do grow out of it I am thinking of quitting because I think I want to move on in life I start High School Next Year and Club Penguin won’t fit in with High School
    We will always remember you
    Thanks for the great posts&pages
    You were a great friend to have on club penguin
    I am making my last post today as I quit club penguin to go back to my Real Life, Your XAT is a memory until it closed down, That day I was sad to no longer chat on it 😦 People Play club penguin at 14,15 etc. I find that it maybe wasn’t right anymore, As I have control of my buddy list I will not delete you, you have always been there and Let me copy pictures and I will never forget it my current quitting time was June 2009 But as I have no hope anymore for this game
    Well Thats all

  13. Angel3667 Says:

    Ignore that comment above this I was half asleep when i did it

  14. Bye Pengu,
    And Hello to everyone else yes it was a shame to quit Club Penguin but since I have life has been much easier, since my late Mother passed away I was really sad but the fosters have been good to me.
    So long Buddy,
    Echi 😦

  15. cya mate have fun in real life. im really gonna miss u. thanx for everything

    :(kz moo:(

  16. Lol you have no idea what I say when I’m half asleep :S

  17. hey roxy sup???

  18. яσxyσσx Says:

    Heyy tama! nm, wby? do you have MSN??

  19. Pengu, you finally have seen the light and quit Cp.

    Good luck in life, mate.

    – Lpg. Sorry for taking sooo long to comment, don’t visit cheat sites no more….

    add my msn

  20. yer i do hav but it yahoo messenager but
    i can still talk 2 pllz who hav msn
    and do u hav msn roxy???

  21. Bye Pengu :'[

    We’re all gunna miss ya. I don’t play CP anymore,either.

    Oh,And Hello to Sweety Pops.
    I knew you when I was Quaddz. =]]

  22. pennybelle Says:

    Good Luck

    Penny c:

  23. Crazy Mae Says:

    Keep in contact 🙂 Even though we dont talk as much,I would love to talk to you again 🙂

    You’ve done so well with this blog,I remember when it first started. Congrats on everything.


  24. Icyblock Says:

    Well. sorry for being late. You guys would of probably forgotten me .I m Icyblock2246. Well, I hated that you quit. I quit long ago.

  25. hey icy! i remember you! its been ages since ive been on this 😦 miss everyone! peeps may not remember me aswell but we had good times 🙂

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