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Newspaper 26/6/08-Issue #141 and Poll

Posted in Cool, Fixed, News on June 26, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Issue #141

Hi everyone

The newspaper as always was released today, Issue #141. There is some information about the return of Rockhopper – Page A4, News on the Earthquake in Club Penguin – Page A2 and the Events coming soon – Page C5 to C6:

Tremors felt across the Island- Page A2

Land ahoy, Rockhopper returning- Page A4

The Comic for the Week- Page C7

Events till July 4th- Page C5 to C6

>June 27th

: New sports catalog

:Rockhopper Returns

>July 1st

: Fireworks celebration

>July 4th

: New  Clothing catalog

: New Wig Catalog

: New pin


.:Click here to take my poll:.


Would you like me to add effects to my pictures in my posts?


And also, If you were wondering why i haven’t been on Xat lately its because I have the flu. As soon as I’m feeling better I’ll come back on. I hope you understand.

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4


Two New Rooms!, New Pin and New Game

Posted in Cool, Fixed, Found!, Rockhopper, Rockhopper Update, Rooms, Spoilers on April 28, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Hi everyone
This is Pengumaniac4 doing a early post today, Yesterday we only thought that there would be a Room and a Key well you were wrong there are infact Two New rooms a New pin and a New Game! Heres how to find the key:

You have to go the Bookroom and Open Rockhoppers book:

Keep flipping though the pages until you get to the Last page

Open your Pins/Backgrounds part of your Intervery and put The Key on (Its a pin)

Now Return to the Ship Hold and The Door should be unlocked!

How to Play Treasure hunt?

Now for the Second Room: The Crows nest

Click on the Little Arrow sign pointing up and a Rope should come down

And heres the Crows nest

And Don’t forget to check the Notice board for a Thanks from Rockhopper:

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

Newspaper 20/3/08

Posted in Cool, Fixed, Glitch, News, Papers, Partys, Rockhopper on March 20, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Hi everyone

The newspaper for the 20th of March has been released around the island today, There is some things about Upcoming events like the Easter Egg Hunt and the April fools party.

Well here you go:


Rockhoppers ship slowly getting fixed, Page A2



Easter Scavenger hunt, Page A4


April fools party, Page A5


Events till April 4th, Page C4


And the latest cartoon, Page C5


Full version here

Also a glitch has brought back the Starfish pin! (Thanks Mathjazz)


Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

Fixed Mancala and Find four

Posted in Fixed on October 21, 2007 by Pengumaniac4

the two games have been fixed! but they will not be online for awile because billybob is fixing it with the person vs person etc etc