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Space Adventure returns, New Pin and New Figurine

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Space Adventure

Hi everyone

Today, The play from earlier this year called “Space Adventure” returns to the stage on Club Penguin, This also bringing a New Pin and the latest picture from the Club Penguin Blog of a New type of figurine.

Click on picture to Enlarge


Switch one – Makes station malfunction:

Switch two – Makes door open:

Switch three and four – Changes Tv’s channels:


Button one – Makes ball hover through air:

Button two – Makes vacuum start up:

Button three – Makes door close:


Lever one – Makes puffle in UFO come down:

The Costume Trunk


Blue alien mask – 300 Coins

Blue alien costume – 600 Coins

Alien thinking cap – 350 Coins

Planet Y background – 60 Coins


Microscope Pin- Located at the Winter Sports shop

At the moment, Its has a glitch so its called “Undefined” It will be changed soon.

New Figurine

And Remember you still have a chance to win 1 in 1000 limited edition Golden Viking penguins:

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Clothing Catalog July, Wig Catalog July and New pin

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New Catalogs July

Hi everyone

Today The new clothing catalog was released to Club penguin for everyone to have a look at and buy items for there penguin, Along with this the Monthy Wig Catalog and the Bi- Weekly Pin.

Rocket Pin- Located at the Cove

Small Update: Sound added to the Iceberg and Mountain fireworks

Penguin Style July 0’8

Viking Helmet (Close 4X and Open 4X for Blue viking Helmet)

Crystal Staff

Cheesy Necktie

Divers Helmet

Woodsmans hat

And the Newest Backgrounds

Big Wigs July 0’8

Pink Mohawk


Would you enjoy the site more if i added music?


Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

New Funiture catalog, New Igloo catalog, New Pet catalog and New pin!

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Hi everyone

Today, Well alot of stuff has been released today. Three catalogs and A new pin add to it. The New igloo catalog has a new Igloo, The new Furniture has Lots of new pieces of Furniture, The Pet catalog has some new toys/Accessories for your puffles, And the new pin came in a Medieval Type of way.

Palm tree

Coffee shop tree

Black plush chair

Inflatable Dragon


New igloo catalog:

Small stone igloo

Large stone igloo

The *NEW* Pink castle


New pet Furniture

The *NEW* stuff


New pin, Instructions:

1> Click on the Boiling pot near the ceiling:

2> The Boiling liquid should fall burning it

3> Collect the pin!

Oh, Ps the Wizard hat is at the Lighthouse (Thanks Acezboy)

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

Newspaper 8/5/08

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Hi everyone

Some good news not just in Club Penguin, Yesterday my computer got fixed but just to make sure that it doesn’t break down again I’m going to back up all of the Important Files.

Anyway, Today as always the New newspaper was released around the island Issue #134, There is some Information about the Upcoming party and Some interesting Events…

Information on the New upcoming party (A little secret exposed), Page a2

A little story written by Club Penguin called “The Three Knights”, Page a4

Contest Closed, Page a6

This weeks comic, Page c7

And the Events till May 23rd, Page C6

And, Rockhopper has left Club Penguin:

Oh and, Billybob said that the new Item will be Released this Month to ALL Cpip Testers

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4

April Fools Party!

Posted in Cool, Items, Partys, Pins, Spoilers on March 28, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

April Fools Everyone!

Sorry for this late post, My internet was clogging up.

Anyway the April fools party on Club Penguin has started and there are 2 Free items and a Pin hidden around the Party! Some of it is Decorated Pixelated and some of it is Cartoon Anyway Heres the spoilers on how to find the Items:

Red Propelor hat, Located at the Ski Village


Swirly Glasses, Located at the Cove


The new pin, Located at the Mine (You must link all of the Numbers together in order to get it)



Oh and…


P.s: Be sure to Check out the Dock:)

Bye for now~Pengumaniac4


Saint Patrick’s day!

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Hi everyone

The Saint Patricks day party has been kicked off today for 2008!, And the Oldest play has returned to Club Penguin! Space Adventure New and Improved. Anyway here you go:


Gigantic St Patricks day top hat, Located at the Ski Village


Book pin located at the Boiler Room, Click on the Top


The new Catalog for the play


Not all old items, There is a new Backround!


The secrets for the Switch box 3000:



Switch 1: Changes 1st screen

Switch 2: Changes 2nd screen

Switch 3: Changes 3rd screen

Switch 4: Changes 4th screen


Button 1: Opens space ship

Button 2: Changes Big screen tv

Button 3: Changes Background


Lever 1:Yellow puffle comes out of Spaceship

Also there is a New book!


Check out Kpp’s New music video!

Also Check out this Background i made for Saint Patrick’s day


Thats all for now!

Bye for now!~Pengumaniac4