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Club Penguin Times

Posted in Cool, Secrets on December 11, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Club Penguin Times

Hi everyone

The new Newspaper has been released with the latest news. Rockhopper returns tomorrow with new items for everyone, Coins for change returns to help fund charity corporations and “The Quest for the Golden Puffle” play returns to the stage.

Christmas Celebrations Coming- PAGE A2

Coins for Change- PAGE A4

Deck the halls win prizes- PAGE A6

Upcoming Events

Also, Billybob has released a post that talks about people in the UK and that they are working hard on something, Heres the full post:

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you wrote to say you’re really excited about the upcoming Christmas Party that’ll be in Club Penguin from Dec. 19 – 29 – That’s cool! Thanks for all your comments. But you don’t have to wait until then to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s a lot happening on Friday:

  • Coins For Change!
  • Rockhopper’s Arrival
  • The adventure play “Quest for The Golden Puffle” at the Stage
  • A new Better Igloos catalog (To help with all your Christmas decorating)

Let us know what you think you’ll do first when you log in on Friday!

In Other News: For those of you in the UK, the team’s been working hard on something – I can’t say more right now, but check Saturday’s blog for some exciting information!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Strange huh? What do you think it is that they are working on?

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4


Christmas 08 Sneak Peek

Posted in Pengumaniac4, Secrets on December 9, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Sneak Peek

Hi everyone

A quick thanks to Acezboy for updating my site for the last two weeks, I was having a few problems. Anyway, Billybob has released a new sneak peek of the upcoming Christmas party o8. ChristmasPeek.jpg

Heres what he had to say about it all.

Hello Penguins,

There are always really exciting things going on during the holiday season in Club Penguin, and the team’s been busy preparing for the big Christmas Party that’s starting December 19! Rockhopper and Coins For Change will arrive, there will be new books to read, an igloo decorating contest, and some cool surprises! I got this sneak peek from the art team:

Do you remember past Christmas Parties in Club Penguin? What was your favorite thing? Is this your first Christmas Party? There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season, and we’d love for you to let us know what you’re looking forward to!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

What do you think that this years party is going to be like?

Thats all for now~ Pengumaniac4

New Play: Fairy Fables, New Pin and New Furniture Catalog

Posted in Cool, Items, News, Secrets, Spoilers on November 21, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

New Play at the Stage

Hi everyone

Today the new feature play for the Stage was released called “Fairy Fables” It is a sort of Fairy tale themed play. And the New Furniture catalog and Pin has been released.

Snowflake Tile Pin- Located at the Beach

Fairy Fables

The Costume Trunk

Better Igloos

Leaning Tree – Click on the Bow

Welcome Mat – Click on the Control Terminal

Music StandClick on the Guitar Stand

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Mission 9- Spy and Seek

Posted in Mission, Missions, Secrets, Spoilers on October 8, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Spy and Seek

Hi everyone

Today, Screenhog announced the new mission had came out. It has been called “Spy and Seek” you can acsess this by going to the Hq and clicking on the eletronic board, If your not a Secret agent click on the Moderator badge when you turn 30 on Club Penguin.

Thankfully i was able to make a YouTube tutorial:

You can use it if you like, Just give credit.

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Halloween Clothing, Wigs and Enter to Win

Posted in Catalogs, Found!, Items, Secrets, Spoilers on October 3, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Halloween Clothing

Hi everyone

Today, Alot of things happened. First a Clothing catalog only known to come out before halloween with halloween style clothing, Has returned. A new wigs catalog has came out bringing two new wigs and a the draw to win a special limited edition toy has opened.


Frankenstiens hat- 400 Coins

Frankenstiens Costume- 450 Coins

Viking Helmet-750 Coins

Blue Viking Helmet- 1200 Coins

Golden Viking Helmet- 1500 Coins

Bee Anntenae- 200 Coins

Bee Wings- 350 Coins

Bee Costume- 450 Coins

Faery Wings- 350 Coins

Faery Costume- 550 Coins

Faery Wig- 450 Coins

Ghost Costume- 600 Coins

Super Hero Mask- 100 Coins

Skeleton- 450 Coins

Clown Shoes- 300 Coins

Clown Suit- 450 Coins

Clown Wig- 210 Coins

Sea Green outfit- 550 Coins

Vinyl Messenger Bag- 300 Coins

Tweed Coat- 650 Coins

Tweed Hat- 350 Coins

Jade Neclace- 250 Coins

Rad Scientist Wig- 500 Coins

Rad Scientist Costume- 500 Coins


How to get the Golden Viking Helmet:

First Click on the pumpkin on the side of the Frankenstein page.

Second, Open and close the Red viking helmet page 4 times until the Blue Viking helmet comes up.

Now, Click on the Gold puffle on the colour page ajacent to the Frankenstein page while the Blue Viking thing is still up.

Black Super hero mask:

Black Scuba Mask:

Mixed Bracelets:

Jade Neclace:

Also, Billybob has released a picture of two new figurines:

Taken From Club penguin offical Blog

He also released a link For posters that people can download of the Figurines:

As it said on the Sneek Peek webpage There will be a competition to win a Limited Edition Figurine

Of course, It takes awhile to click “Okay” so click on the picture above to bring you to the Viking site.

Enter in your First name, Email and your age group and you will receive an email. Check your email, Send in your full information and you have the chance to win it.

Thats all for now~Pengumaniac4

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Sneak Peek…?

Posted in Cool, Found!, News, Secrets, Spoilers on September 23, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Hi everyone

I’m back, First i would just like to thank Acezboy on my behalf. My old computer broke down so i recently got a new one, I will be able to post more.

Anyway, Billybob yesterday revealed a sneak peek sketch but didn’t tell us what its going to be featured in.


Above picture from the Club Penguin Official Blog

What do you think its going to be in?

That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4

–Penguin games begin–

Posted in Cool, Found!, Items, News, Partys, Secrets on August 22, 2008 by Pengumaniac4

Let the games begin

Hi everyone

Today, The 22.8.08 the Club Penguin olympic games have started for members around the island to play.

Free items:

Blue face paint, Located at the Pizza Parlour

Red face paint, Located at the Coffee Shop

If you wish to view all the games read the below.

Heres the list of the games on the Club penguin Olympics at the moment:

– Marathon , Located at: Ski Village

-Three lap race, Located at: Iceberg

– Freestyle Swim, Located at: Underground pool

In order to win the gold medal, You must stop at the lights in the races:

That’s all for now~ Pengumaniac4