Halloween History on Club Penguin

Halloween History on Club Penguin


The first Halloween party on Club Penguin began on October 24 2005, This was also i time when Club Penguin was officially announced open after weeks of beta testing. Of course Club Penguin was not like it was now, It didn’t have all the bugs in the system sorted out even the site was changing frequently.

“Official Opening with Halloween” taken from the Club Penguin blog

Of course, A Clothing catalog was released but with not as many items as there is now. Some items you can see today in the new Clothing Catalog such as the Ghost Costume, Super Hero Mask and the Skeleton costume. As you may have thought, Many few people brought membership to actually buy these items.


It was a few days before Cp Staff started Halloween that they released a “Sneak Peak” of some spots that will be featured:

“Sneak peek 2006” Taken from Club penguin blog

The following year, On the 27th of October the same party began to celebrate Halloween. But in just under a year Club Penguin had become more popular with more people joining, And more people buying membership to unlock more features in the game such as clothing etc etc.

“Decorated town” taken from Club Penguin blog

Of course, They did not expect everyone to buy Membership and released a Free item called “Wizard Hat” That was available in the Snow Forts for Everyone (Including Non-members). More items were added to the Clothing catalog with a new item called the Clown Costume.

“New Items, Catalog 2006” taken from Club Penguin blog


Before the party was released, The most amount of Sneak peeks were added before hand for the Halloween party. A total of 3 Sneak peeks were added one after another:

Scary Sneak Peek!



“Sneak peaks” from Club Penguin Blog

It was one of the most awaited Club Penguin parties in its history as now many members had joined and brought membership for Club Penguin.  On October 27 2007 the third Halloween party started, With this bringing the most top decorations around the island, New items in the catalog, A scavenger hunt and a Free item.


“Decorated Town” taken from Club Penguin Blog

The free item was an attachment for another item, The Pumpkin basket was located in the Snow forts for Non- Members and Members to take for the scavenger hunt.


“Pumpkin baskets” taken from Pengumaniac4.com

The Scavenger hunt was hunt to find all the candy hidden around Club Penguin to recieve a free item, You had to collect these pieces of candy using the Pumpkin basket


“Scavenger Candy 1” taken from Pengumaniac4.com

When you found all of the pieces of candy hidden in Club Penguin, You were able to receive the item Halloween scarf by clicking at the Pumpkin basket at the top right hand corner of the screen.

“Halloween scarf” taken from Pengumaniac4.com

A shock came across the island as one of the most rarest Halloween items The Ghost costume had returned to the Clothing catalog for everyone to buy, Along with that the Clown costume returned but new items were added aswell.

New Costumes!

“Penguin style October 2007” taken from Club Penguin Blog

How good is the new Halloween party going to be? Will it be a exact copy of one of the previous parties? Will it be unpopular or popular? Will everyone enjoy it? Only time will tell.

That’s all for now~Pengumaniac4

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3 Responses to “Halloween History on Club Penguin”

  1. I hope you find this new page interesting, It sure took awhile to put together.

  2. Wow. You did some good research Pengu!!


  3. 1potato123 Says:

    thats really good……….i like it its interesting and reminded me of what the past halloween parties looked like……..=]

    bye for noww

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