Listen To Music

Listen To Music

Okay, this is how it works if it says {new} it is new and if it has a [#] that means its live. thanks for Visiting my site.

The bird & the worm-The used

Helena- My chemical Romance

Ghost Of you- My Chemical Romance

I’m not okay- My Chemical Romance

I don’t love you- My Chemical Romance

Vampires will never hurt you- My Chemical romance

Demolition lovers- My Chemical Romance

House of Wolves- My Chemical romance [#]

Give em’ hell kid- My Chemical romance [#]

Red Flag- Billy talent

Fallen leaves- Billy talent

Devil in a midnight mass- Billy talent

River Below- Billy talent

Thanks for the Memories- Fall out boy

Faint- Linkin park

Numb- Linkin park

From the Inside- Linkin park

Starlight- Muse

Where is my Mind?- The pixeys

You are the one- The shiny toy guns

Lifestyles of the rich and famous- Good Charlotte

Paralyzer- Finger 11

When two Become one- Atreyu {New}

Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance {New}

Don’t Stay- Linkin park

Dead!- My Chemical Romance [#]

Survive- Rise Against

Pretenders- Foo Fighters

Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance

Crank that- Soulja boy

Cancer- My Chemical Romance

If you have a request, Please comment here naming the song title and band.


39 Responses to “Listen To Music”

  1. Crazy Mae Says:

    omg wat a awesome song choice!!

    i have a request hehe FALL OUT BOY!!!!!

  2. pengumaniac4 Says:

    allright ill put that on

  3. lauza(icefireblue) Says:

    love the linkin park1 n umm do i have a request??

  4. Crazy Mae Says:

    whoo thnks fr th mmrs rokz!!!

  5. pengumaniac4 Says:


  6. thx 4 the song… luv it!!


  8. pengumaniac4 Says:

    thats okay small and angel i knew u loved them songs lol

  9. Thx Jaze. i will come and listen them everyday.

  10. hey jason its 100vs0,
    good music

  11. pengumaniac4 Says:

    hi 100 thanks do u want a song here?

  12. amethyst/donda Says:

    yea put a hawthorne height song on…

    or a muse song

    or a breaking benjamin

    or anutha linkin park 1..

  13. pengumaniac4 Says:


  14. Dondaru1es Says:

    u yay a muze song! (smiley face)

    lolz nutha idea

    AFI….they really kool…bit like mcr but not really..they r emo/goth/punk band….

  15. A.F.I is really deep with the punk rock flow. So WAS mcr but then they are going modern rock now which kinda roxics but I liked their old stuff. The new stuff gets old but the old stuff I can listen to for hours. If you do put A.F.I then I suggest mis murder their best song

  16. I mean miss murder

  17. Dude go on big surf. I’ll be the penguin making a fart sound

  18. oppz sorry toxic my friend was over so i didnt get this till after sorry could you tell me a time and date or something and server and name lol that would be easyer sorry bout that

  19. Email me here because I’ve been trying to email you but I think it doesn’t work.

  20. omg i have a request its you are the one by shiny toy guns ,thankz!

  21. dondaru1es Says:

    lol shiny toy guns r kool :)..herd dem on the radio otha day

  22. dondaru1es Says:

    um that song heart in a cage bi the strokes…

  23. dude thanks for the shiney toy guns lots! next could ya get the pretender by foo fighters thankz

  24. aw man! just some youtube videos! 😦

  25. I think I want welcome to the black parade by MCR

  26. ♬ Eⓥą ♬ Says:

    ye i ❤ welcome to the black parade but i tried to get it off youtube but there was basically nothing and some dude disabled the embedded code or whatever its called!

    luv that song so much

    Id like to request Saying sorry by hawthorne heights
    really awesome song and the vid for it is weird but cool

  27. dondarules Says:

    blue/video kid/red stars a song y the birthday massacre,they are a awesome band.

  28. agent097 Says:

    donny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hey im bak on cp

  29. agent097 Says:

    go on utube peps and go on rise against survive best song and band eva!!!!!!!

  30. Teenagers By Chemical Romance
    Cancer By CR
    Famous last Words CR
    Im Not Okay CR

  31. survive rise against
    pretenders foo fighters
    teenagers cr
    famous last words cr
    soulja boy crank that

  32. Welcome to the black parade-MCR
    Don’t stay-Linkin park

    They have been added, Thanks for the request.

  33. spiderlilly Says:

    Flo Rider ft. T-Pain

  34. coldplay – voilet hill 😛

  35. dondarules Says:

    rise against awesum az agent XD.

  36. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  37. hmm id like to request a song plz…

    hang ’em high by mcr…

    =) eva

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