Pengumaniac? Lizardmaniac? [ARCHIVE]

Pengumaniac? Lizardmaniac?

Me and my friend were one hot day looking for a skink we searched for ages and there … we saw a small skink a metallic skink lol and yes i did catch it and i have him i named him mute and yes he is still happy and alive in a little cage along with 11 other skinks i also got so much into lizards that i have 4 pet blue tounges lizards.

True story….

(Note: If you want to talk about club penguin go to the talk page please dont comment here unless its about lizards! Thank you- Pengumaniac4)



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  1. cool!! there used to b heaps at the golf club but sum1 foun a massive one and told me to come look and as soon as i got there it ran away cos it got scared of e and they all got really pissed at me

  2. pengumaniac4 Says:

    lol! thats awsome all my blue tounges are pissed at me because there in hibernation…but ah well

  3. lauza(icefireblue) Says:

    i lv skinks there so kwl

  4. pengumaniac4 Says:


  5. Dondaru1es Says: more in2 massive lizardz…aka leguvaans and yea

  6. danthecarlover Says:


  7. Pamula Shmit Says:

    wow!!! thats so cool! i like lizards alot once i wuz at my grammas house and we found a blue belly lizard those r my fav kind! i also like th indonesian komodo dragon there these realy big lizards, so big they call them dragons im realy into dragons. r u?

  8. Pamula Shmit Says:

    i also do club penguin do u? IT IS SO AWSOME THAT I CANT EVEN TYPE BIG ENOUGH TO SAY HOW AWSOME IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pamula Shmit Says:

    oops… when i said about the club penguin thing i didnt realize this wuz a club penguin website type thing… forget i said that!!

  10. LOL its a club penguin based site its just that i dont want to just have club penguin i like other things beside it as well

  11. Hey Every1
    I have club penguin 2 my name is unicornsista i go on down under Australia because i dunno i live in Australia lol or lel means laugh even louder lel

  12. travlerwebkinz Says:


  13. cool oh and ps i saw someone say just now search pengumaniac on google so i did. if u ever see me on cp my penguin name is cookiegirl65

  14. hey don and maniac its agent!!

  15. i luv lizards there awesome

  16. wooot go lizards. i go to this place in tas right called reptile club it ROCKS they have tons of lizards

  17. lolleegirl Says:

    hi pengu

  18. lolleegirl Says:

    wthf is this?

  19. lolleegirl Says:



  20. lolleegirl Says:

    smeonez on bigsrf sayin serch diz

  21. junemaree Says:

    hi i saw u on big surf plz add me im on big surf alot by the way ur site is in my favourites 🙂

  22. Sweety Pops Says:


  23. Miz Ashiee 2 Says:

    awesome lizard stuff (luved it) – this guy called ‘Test For Pen’ waz telling everyone to google u so i did!!!! – if u see me plz add me, my name is Miz Ashiee 2


  24. hey again ya blog and yer lizard rulez

  25. koolz i luv lizards.. ther so awesome and the blue tongue is one of my favs!!!


  27. lolleegirl Says:


    8lolleegirl8 is bannd foreva AGAN FUK CP

  28. lol awesome!!

  29. watch ya boody languge jees

  30. lolleegirl Says:


    haha YAY

    im unbannd

  31. Do you know a boy called Beta202 he keeps saying guogle search Pengumaniac and i said Google search Pengu Maniac ive got a yellow party hat Woo Hoo! I want a blue one though (Im a girl) I wish there were pink Hee Hee!

    Your sincerely Coolkidk59

  32. Does any one Know Hannah Montana? Because I’ve met her before and club penguin is getting a bit boring 2 days until the Halloween party can’t wait!

    Your’s sincerely Coolkidk59 🙂

  33. OMG there are like soooo many partys but whenvever u need a certain one it isnt there like that is like totally annnoying!!!!

  34. kwl i guess that cool kid saw me cause i am the one and only hannah montana u kno!!!!!! i barely get to get on club penguin srry pple but really theres ALOT more to being a singer than just playin on the computer so srry hope 2 see you around though bye!!!!

    Hannah Montana

  35. lolleegirl Says:

    thats not hannah montana U FAKE BITCH


  37. Lolleegirl Says:


  38. luckydog400 Says:

    nice true story

  39. Sweety Pops Says:

    the lizard is kewl

  40. Hey agan Happy Halloween im so exited

  41. lol i get to stay home because of show day!

  42. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a lizard!!!!!!!
    happy halloween

    see me on clubpenguin

  43. um… like…hi? im new here. Some ppl on cp were saying “GuUgLe PeNgUmAnIaC” so that is what i did. O h and can some 1 plz tell me why they were spelling google like guugle?

    Editors Comment:
    google doesnt go though the filters guugle does

  44. dondaru1es Says:

    i no….every1 iz doing that…i went up 2 one and sed ‘oi iz that u pengu’ lol….he just kept saying it so i kept writing um…….weird.

  45. yo dude come to my website at


  46. don i dont monitor my test penguins so they wouldent respond lol

  47. yo i am dezertdiva on cp right now

  48. lol hey guyz agan the halloween party is so fair out awesome!!! happy halloween u guyz

  49. punkster5 Says:

    i guess this could be a new hang out place 4 me. ya see um sum of my other blog pals have changed so im on a kinda search for some new ones.

  50. mublehappyfe Says:

    heyyyy guys its mublehappyfe i just wanted to say wut up 2 yallz
    so if u c me say muble ova here! jk lol just say yo muble! woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dondaru1es Says:


  52. luckydog400 Says:

    what does it do like just stay in one spot or really shy?

  53. lolleegirl Says:

    hello hello hello

    Nice To Meet You All

  54. Gasoline3436 Says:


  55. Sweety Pops Says:

    How do u walk on walls?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!

    by the way nice lizards!! 😀

  56. yes don im here hehe!

  57. dondaru1es Says:

    lol hey….my msn iz

    plz add me agent….lol it dusnt get threw properly on cp..

    watz urz?

  58. ok i will

  59. i aded u so wen i see u go on or sompin like dat

  60. dondaru1es Says:

    yup i just sed yes 2 ur request thingy….


  61. lolleegirl Says:


    im bored

    cpz borin

    lyfes borin

    weres the action?!?

  62. amethyst/donda Says:

    lol the action iz on piczo..we have like a billion fightz..

    bling small angel me billy saturn and them lol..

    u shuld make a piczo lollee

  63. Lolleegirl Says:


    wot is a piczo?!?


    im goin to a party tnite

    WOOHOO therez the action

  64. wat the hell is a piczo no such thing unless its from the land of jiberish or some crap geez

  65. Lolleegirl Says:

    lik ive bn on angelz smallz n saturnz n ice n jokeaz o neva mine but i cant go to donz or samz :C

  66. dondaru1es Says:



    myne iz

    o cant u?

    ill try and make it so u can lollee lol


  67. dondaru1es Says:

    o yer….

    we can second in the battle ov band finalz agent

    i told u bout the heats….thzi waz the finalz lol (inkase u get confused)..yea it waz on thursday..

  68. dondaru1es Says:

    o yer and my msn haz gone all weird…

  69. if you want to just talk can u please go to the talk page please everyone!

  70. Lolleegirl Says:

    lolleez bannd for 63 hours but now 43 i dnt do anything rng

  71. ok can u pleasee go to the talk page not this page to talk about club penguin? sorry but this page is a bout lizards. please go to the talk page!

  72. Lolleegirl Says:

    ok i lik lizards ther cute coff coff

  73. luckydog400 Says:

    dona can i add your email

  74. dondaru1es Says:

    yer sure..dona lol..nah u can add me 🙂

    soz pengu

    got a bi tside tracked lol..

    adorable lizards….

  75. np, its just like ive got 83 comments here but only about 15 are about lizards

  76. dondaru1es Says:


  77. dondaru1es Says:

    u counted?

  78. DUDE!!!!! i saw your advertisment in cp like 2 seconds ago and i just happend to be a glitch guy like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Editors comment:
    lol im not much into glitches as most people but i do some hacking. anyway my start up page on this site is if u just clicked the top one click the second one lol.

  79. Hello everyone

  80. Sweety Pops Says:



  81. Sweety Pops Says:

    theres even a pengumanic!
    (fake also)


  82. yeah i no just ignore them

  83. hey i never been on anymore because i never go on cp and it is so shit and so freaking booring i go on rune scape its so much better so that y i never go on cp and this but im goin bak on this not cp only sometimes so ill c u later or somthing

    Editors Comment:

    o ritieo

  84. yea i dont like cp but im gonna go on here heaps

  85. well hey, i was told to talk about lizards

  86. hey every 1 culbpenguin is so cool now

  87. um whos the real pengu maniac?

  88. lizards are kool. i am sorry that ur skink died tho pengu… waddle on!

  89. i made a piczo! =) though i dont understand it

  90. i dnt get piczo so im lost and igave up in the first 5 minz lol clasic zay whe the going gets tough shut up and watch tv lol

  91. skipperjay Says:

    rofl. theyre little toes look all weird and jumbled lol

  92. skipperjay Says:

    oops their.

  93. agent097 Says:

    woooooooh im bak not on cp on here wooooooh lol wat up everybody wats craken

  94. agent097 Says:

    hey peng

  95. heyo i luv cp now im now allowed on it again lol ill c u all around

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