Rest in peace lil fella 8/7/07 [ARCHIVE]



is when one of my skinks died… (sniff sniff) i hope he liked me…. because i sure liked him…i will always remember you lil fella..




38 Responses to “Rest in peace lil fella 8/7/07 [ARCHIVE]”

  1. Crazy Mae Says:

    aww dats realli sad i remember when my awesome as guinea pig died 😦

  2. lauza(icefireblue) Says:

    aaawwwww the lil filla didnt have a long enuff chance he aawww

  3. pengumaniac4 Says:

    he waz a baby skink… 😥

  4. glatascheats Says:

    *Sniff* i hadnt even got used to it ;(
    (I didnt know him but he must have been cute)

  5. lauza(icefireblue) Says:

    aaww i baby skink 1 time i found a mother skink n her egg but she died

  6. pengumaniac4 Says:


  7. Dondaru1es Says:

    how did he die?

    soz im just curious

  8. pengumaniac4 Says:

    i had a skink and he had diease and he passed it on to all the baby skinks

  9. Dondaru1es Says:

    sad…how many baby skinks wer they?

  10. pengumaniac4 Says:


  11. Dondaru1es Says:

    aw thatz really sad

  12. pengumaniac4 Says:

    i know 😦

  13. Dondaru1es Says:

    i once ‘accidently’ killed my tadpoles……i waz keeping them in a continer wif food and all the rite stuff it sed 2 feed them..and i one day accidently knocked over the container…….they survived but a few dayz l8tr they died

    i think they died ov mini tadpole heartattackz or mayb shok…

  14. aw that is so sad i know how you feel i had to give my baby kittens away

  15. i used to breed tadpoles into frogs im very sorry don 😦

  16. dondaru1es Says:

    lol yer.

    my kitty died like a week ago 😦

    did i tell u that lol?

  17. nooo thats really sad though

  18. 😦 im really sorry

  19. sorry about that my guinie pigz had babyz but the mum escaped and drowend in da pond and the girl baby died somehow???

  20. yer im so so so sorry

  21. Dondaru1es Says:

    junemaree?were u the 1 giving heartz 2 me lol?

    im so srry…i h8 it when that happenz

  22. Dondaru1es Says:


  23. chochuneyrox Says:

    eh, my guinea pig died. well actually 3 of dem. i had 6 cats and they all died (i didnt have them all at once) coz they all ran away and never came back 😥

  24. : ( my budgie died lyk a month ago..he was so cool, he would sit on my shoulder and stuff while i walked around. but he was prety old so yer he died…) :

    RIP, pengus skink

  25. RIP pengus skink. so sad. im soooo sorry 4 u

  26. aww sad 😦 i remmember when my cat died 😦 it got run over by a car 😦 im so sad 😥

  27. ★cнσcнυηεү★ Says:


  28. Comment deleted.
    That was a poser, somehow got though the system =S

  29. wow thats odd… they did it again

  30. :@:@:@:@ i hate hackers

  31. poor pengu

  32. ok..

  33. same ive been hacked on my penguin before :@ really annoys me!

  34. Very Sorry Pengu! My Deepest Sypthys! But Ya Know His Gone To A Better Place. Or So They Say But Seriously Sorry 😦 😦 😦

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