Rumours Of Club penguin

Rumours Of Club penguin

This is club penguin Rumours! I post new club penguin Rumours that i find out. Give me your responses

Tipping Iceberg

Lots and lots of people have been trying and failing to tip the iceberg but is it tippable?

what do you think?

Future items?

are these future items? at the moment all you can do is WPE pro hack them but they come out as an empty spot in your intervery.

the list of future items

skateboard(Members item)

bling bling medallion(Members item)

angel halo(Free Item)

orange jumper(Members item)

cement shoes(Members item)


what do u think?


This used to be a hack but then Club Penguin staff fixed it up there were 3 ninja items to hack the ninja suit the ninja mask and the ninja belt. For now the way to see the ninja mask is on the club penguin start up page u click on the N of the night club and the ninja mask will appear on the penguin.

Update: there was ninjas but not in this version of club penguin, in about 2005 a game released by rocketsnail games or one of the moderators names rsnail anyway this game was called penguin chat. now penguin chat only lasted for a while because unsuccessfully made a profit along with the two other penguin chats. anyway heres a pic dont thank me, thank watex since i got this off his site.


lol dont bother the snail



The Golden Puffle

People say that some places on club penguin they have seen the golden puffle! and that it will be able to purchase on club penguin soon.

give me what you think

(this rumor is confirmed there will be a golden/yellow puffle coming soon to club penguin.




29 Responses to “Rumours Of Club penguin”

  1. danthecarlover Says:

    hey lol golden puffle ehh

  2. There really will be a golden puffel??SWEET!

    Editors Comment:
    yup i saw it in the forest and the mountain but its gone now

  3. pennybelle Says:

    great site 🙂
    i was hopin you could help me get my club penguin sit good as well! please message me with your answer at
    and how do you make backgrounds?
    hope you can help…

  4. luckydog400 Says:

    looks like it is edited

  5. Yah cp was making the ninja outfit again but sheemvister found it and emailed a bunch of peeps and posted it so the stopped

  6. glatascheats Says:

    it isnt i have that pic to taken by me

  7. commando pen Says:

    YES DUDE i got a video of the yellow puffle it now is at the top of the therter every 15mins YES!!

  8. Ninja Penguin 99999 Says:

    Waaaah! I only joined penguin chat just an hour ago!:(
    Pengumaniac4: yes but that was the 1st one thats still active, the other ones are no longer online

  9. your talking about experimental penguins
    Pengumaniac4: or beta test penguins

  10. see the snail ninja pic. well what is that is it club penguin or somthing?

  11. are the nijas still on in 2008

  12. mindyangel1 Says:


  13. coooooooooool

  14. kachooo Says:

    kool, have u tipped the iceberg?

  15. Marrissa Says:

    Its true I have the Gold Puffle his name is Champ

  16. whar are you doing every body

  17. ninja53x17 Says:

    aw man 19th comment oh well i hope that they put ninjas out soon!:]

  18. PLEASE tell me how to tip the iceberg! I’ve been trying my whole live as a penguin trying and failing every time!! 😦

  19. I am dy’n 4 ninja penguins to return!!!!

  20. i can’t believe everyone on club penguin is dumb enough to believe that ninjas are real and no one has ever seen them on club penguin!

  21. I keep trying to tip it how do you get the catalog and earn 300 coins i keep getting people and they are being so stupid and dumb they say ” Its not gonna tip!” and i try to change there minds but they wont listan to me bye. baby37014

  22. Did u know guys i love club penguin it is my favorite mine is baby37014 have u seen me bye.

  23. club penguin is the greatest game ever and i wish rockhopper was my friend

  24. iyou all know i keep triying to tip the ice berg and then i tip it i got 50000

  25. You can tip it, well you could tip it until they updated it. And to be ninja in 2005 all you had to do was click the “n” in penguin colour and a sercet ninja colour would come up.

  26. purple pengu fan Says:

    hey- is it really true u can tip the ice berg then il go and try it now. lol- pls tell me and tell me its not a rumour . by the way love the website and keep giving us more rumours. lol

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